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About Us

About us 

At Wye Valley Alpacas we breed friendly, sociable alpacas with their own personalities and quirks. Leonie, for example, likes a back massage, Annabel is rather partial to a man with a beard and, if you are just standing around admiring the scenery, Kelda will start pulling on your coat to remind you it is feeding time. We know them all by name and, if we bred them, their parents too.

Our cria (baby alpacas), are born in the warmer summer months. Alpacas have one cria per year. Twins are possible but unusual. They spend the first 5-8 months with Mum and then once they are weaned, they are ready to go to pastures new. Alpacas make great pets, guarding animals for sheep and poultry. They produce soft, hypoallergenic fibre that is wonderful for spinning, weaving and all sorts of crafts and of course more alpacas.

Our For Sale page shows the alpacas we have available. You can read their profiles and see if they sound like they will be a good fit for you. We will listen to what you are hoping to get out of owning alpacas and find the perfect match. If we don’t have exactly the right alpacas for you, we can help connect you with other breeders. If it is your first time, we can support in choosing the right animals for your family.

We started from scratch with no experience of owning livestock and we would be delighted to join you on your alpaca journey, be warned – they are addictive.

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