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Meet the Alpacas

The Boys


Amara thinks he is part showjumper. He does not like having his feet touched so when we trim his nails he usually tries to leap out of the pen. You can see the family resemblance with his Dad Pablo.

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Monti is our fluffiest boy and he is very chatty and is often heard humming at you. He loves having water sprayed on him in the summer. Then he goes and finds the muddiest patch he can and lies down!

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The Girls


Nadia, also known as “Curly Ears”, is friendly and greedy, she will try and eat from the bucket even when there is nothing in it.

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Bonita is also known as Tasha, as she has a lovely curly moustache and funny long eyebrows. She is always interested in what is going on but a bit skittish if people get too close. She is not bothered by the cheeky pheasant who turns up every feeding time picking up after the girls.

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Leoni, like Gigi, struggles to maintain weight so in Winter she wears a blanket to help her keep warm; although she has managed to get herself out of it on one occasion. Think that was after the vet had done it up following a visit!

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Mila is Monti’s Mum and you can see the family resemblance. She is our biggest girl and occasionally gets her head stuck in the fence when she feels the grass is greener. When she is in the mood she will happily stand next to you being stroked and cuddled.

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Carmen is also a lovely dark brown like CJ which is not too surprising since they had the same Mum. Carmen can be a bit naughty trying to get food out of everyone else’s buckets at feeding time!

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Erma is our youngest alpaca. She has performed at the Monmouth Show as a ‘Pacacorn and is usually first up to the bucket. She sometimes has a lovely white fleece but she doesn’t use the shelter when it rains so then she looks muddy and dirty.

Adopt Erma


Enya has a lovely face and often looks like she is smiling. She doesn’t like coming into the shelter but likes to lie in her favourite spot just outside it so she can see what is going on all around.

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